Ford is seeking to boost Canada’s auto industry in the following years
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Ford is seeking to boost Canada’s auto industry and create more jobs


Latest news that comes from Montreal has to do with an announcement Ford made to boost Canada’s automotive industry in the following years. Ford plans to produce a new engine in the Canadian province (Ontario), inside sources claimed.

This investment is expected to significantly boost Canada’s auto industry. Especially after many years of Ford losing jobs to Mexico and also United States.

It is expected the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau to be the one to announce the 7X engine for the large pickup trucks at the Ford Essex Engine Plant located in Windsor, Ontario.

The investment

This new project is part of a C$700 million ($525.05 million) investment. It is secured during a 2016 agreement between Ford and its 7,000 unionized Canadian workers.  These Investments located at Windsor’s two engine plants are expected to account around C$600 million ($450.05 million).

Vice president of Auto Forecast Solutions, Brian Maxim, admitted in a telephone interview that the 7.0-litre, V8 engine would be more fuel efficient than the 6.8-litre V10 engine now built in Windsor and used in the super- duty trucks of Ford.

According to Brian Maxim, Ford is planning to produce about 125,000 units of the new engine per year. This production will start in 2019. These Ford’s F-Series pickup trucks have been the best-selling model in the US since 1982.

Only between 2001 and 2013, around 14,300 jobs were lost in the vehicle manufacturing field in Canada.

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