What is the Global Talent Stream?

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The Global Talent Stream is a popular immigration program that allows the skilled people in certain professions to receive a temporary work permit in a short period. The individuals are likely to obtain their work permit in two weeks or less, so they can start working in Canada immediately.

The program’s goal is to help specific innovative industries to grow. This new initiative is helpful for both the Canadian businesses and the foreign workers. The best thing about the Global Talent Stream is that the applicants get their work permit within two weeks, meaning the employers can fill up the vacant positions quickly by hiring foreign workers.

Also, the two weeks long processing time applies to an open work permit for the spouse of a worker immigrating to Canada under the Global Talent Stream, in addition to a study permit for any dependent/children of the applicant. The program puts their visa processing on a fat-track so that they can start their career in Canada immediately.

The Global Talent Stream is a popular option available for you if you want to work in Canada. The Canadian employers are free to choose the employees they think are best for their companies.

Categories for the Global Talent Steam

Category A

This category is for the business individuals. They are usually referred to as Employment and Social Development Canada Designated Partner. These categories are responsible for creating jobs for the Canadians, directly or indirectly.

Category B

The Canadian employers looking for foreign workers to work in their company fall in category B. These individuals are responsible for increasing the investments in training for the Canadians.

If you have the skills required by Canadian employers under the Global Talent Stream and want to immigrate to Canada under this program, you should try to engage an immigration expert to help you with the application process. Many people who make a solo flight commit blunders in their application, which leads to a denial of their applications.

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