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How can artisans and craftspersons immigrate to Canada

If you are a craftsperson or artisan who uses manual and artistic approaches to create products like pottery, jewelry, blankets, and carpets, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada and become a permanent resident.

To be a good candidate for immigration to Canada as an artisan or craftsperson under the self-employed visa program and get permanent residency, you need to prove that you have at least two years of relevant experience as a self-employed person in your relevant field in the last five years.

Furthermore, you are required to prove that you intend to become self-employed in Canada and have the skills to succeed as a self-employed person. While many people ignore this factor, it is the most important element of immigrating to Canada as an independent individual. The immigration officers will take a look at your financial resources in order to check whether you can succeed as a self-employed person in Canada.

Besides your experience and skills, your education, age, language skills, and the flexibility to adjust to the Canadian way of life will be assessed. You would be required to get certain tests of skills and experience and meet the regulatory definition of self-employment in Canada. The tests are designed to reject unskilled and inexperienced applicants.

Keep in mind that you do not need a job offer to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed artisan or craftsperson. Also, there will be no conditions on your status, and you are not required to start a business in Canada prior to your entry into the country. If your application is approved, you and your family members will get permanent residency in Canada.

Before starting your application, be sure to check out the occupations covered under this program. In any case, you are required to demonstrate that you have at least two years of experience as a craftsperson or artisan during the last five years.

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