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Immigrant children feel at home in Canada

ID-100209495Canada is one of the top countries in which immigrant children feel at home in their new schools, according to a recent report from Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. OECD analyzed data from developed countries all around the world and found that the socioeconomic status of the school is directly linked to the foreign-born students’ success.

The report, “Immigrant Students at School: Easing the Journey towards Integration”, placed Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Qatar as leading countries in terms of sense of belonging among new immigrant children. In these countries, both first and second-generation foreign-born students reported in large percentage that they feel at home at school. By contrast, students in Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal reported having the highest level of alienation from education systems. Researchers say that language-support programs can contribute majorly to making the integration process much easier for immigrant children and that inclusion leads to higher academic performances.

The report also indicates that immigrant parents should be encouraged to enroll their children in school as early as possible.

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