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Immigrant children outperforming their Canadian peers


A recent report from Statistics Canada indicates that immigrant children in Canada outperform children with Canadian parents both at school and later on at work. The study found that children with immigrant parents have a high school graduation rate of 91.6 percent, whereas their Canadian-born peers’ rate is slightly lower, at 88.8 percent.

What’s even more interesting is that the study revealed there are differences among children of immigrants based on the immigration category that their parents were admitted. The children of business class immigrants had the highest university completion rate, with 58.9 percent graduating. The children of skilled workers also were found to have high graduation rates, at 49.7 percent. Almost 30 percent of children of refugees completed their university studies. All of these categories have higher completion rates than children with Canadian-born parents.

In terms of earnings, the children of skilled workers and business class immigrants were found to earn on average $46,300 a year, slightly more than the non-immigrant children, who earn on average $46,100.

The study also shows that the differences by admission class are less visible when children arrive in Canada at pre-school-age, demonstrating that early exposure to the Canadian culture and society has a greater impact on the children’s performance.

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