“Immigration is a key element in Canada’s economic future”


During an address in Toronto, Ontario, Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister declared that Canada is committed to economic immigration. He also made a statement regarding the government plans to continue welcoming immigrants and treating them as their own.

The Canada’s approach regarding immigration remains constant while in the United States, President Donald Trump becomes more and more opposed – with a ban aiming at the visitors from different Muslim countries and a repression on immigrant violations. Ahmed Hussen reaffirmed that Canada’s arms remain open to all of the individuals that want to relocate to this country, immigration representing an important element with great impact on the economy.

Hussen stated during the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) law conference, held earlier in June, that the 2017 300,000 landings plan helped the economic admissions situation, the share of acceptance being higher than in the previous year. Moreover, the Immigration Minister declared what are the country main goals regarding immigration. Besides the fact that new ideas will be tested soon, Canada will introduce new programs that will encourage people all over the world to relocate. In this way, the country economic prosperity will be constantly maintained.

The plan presented by Hussen represents the most recent initiative of the government regarding this matter. The share of economic immigration increased over the previous year, so the effort of the government to host several refugees throughout 2016 paid off. Now, Canada is welcoming immigrants with open hands and increased allocation.

In the end, Hussen announced that Canada set a new target – 300.000 new arrivals annually. It’s a high number considering the Canadian standards, but the government sees it as just a baseline for the country future landing goals.

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