Immigration minister orders review of Canada's asylum claim system
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Immigration minister orders review of Canada’s asylum claim system


Ottawa—It has been reported that the immigration minister of Canada has ordered the asylum process to be reviewed in a bid to increase the speed of the system. The minister Ahmed Hussen has stated that this review will check the handling and assessment of claims and will check beyond the implemented reforms. To oversee this review, the government has introduced a retired bureaucrat named Neil Yeates.

Rising influx

Currently, the IRB is faced with the problems of rising influx of new claims of asylum. And also, lack of fine decision makers or judges to correctly handle the current claims. Minister has also stated that the Canada’s asylum system is the basis of Canadian tradition of offering safety to immigrants. This will increase the overall productivity which is important. However, Canada’s asylum system must be balanced between providing protection to those who are really in need, and preventing people from misusing the system.

Such a kind of independent review will be able to pin point the options. And will suggest the most preferable approaches which will lead to the increase in productivity with regards to the handling of the claims of asylum. The system has been recently gauged for attention when in recent months; hundreds of people have illegally migrated into Canada from the US. However, the board is effectively dealing with the steady rise in the asylum claims for ore than a year. This is happening since 2015 when Liberal Government took over the office.

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