Important Canadian medical discovers

Canadian inventions in medicine

Canada is not only a country which has all the right to boast its health care system. It’s also a place where many important medical discoveries were made. Being leaders and playing a very important role in modern medicine and medical research, Canada is a country whose success won’t stop impressing us.

Despite the large number of important inventions in health care, we have brought for you a short, but impressive list:

  1. Emergency contraception

It was only 1974 when Dr. Albert Yuzpe, an obstetrician-gynecologist and also a Canadian, created the way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. His invention was created by the combination of specific birth control pills which seemed to work in preventing pregnancies when utilized within the first 72 hours. The today science, considers Dr. Albert invention to be not only safe, but a simple and not too complicated method helping millions out there.

  1. The most effective, Insulin treatment

Despite many studies made at that time about this delicate issue, the most successful way to produce insulin and use it to treat diabetic, was made by Canadians. It was Charles Best and Frederick Banting who worked at the University of Toronto, the ones to study this case for a very long time. They collaborated with J J R Macleod and James Collip when developing the way to extract the insulin form the donor pancreas. This invention, that made them share a Nobel Prize, made diabetics not to be considered as a serious life-threating disease any more.

  1. Lung transplant

This invention takes place in recent years and it’s considered to be a huge step in modern medicine science. It was the year 2011 when a team of doctors led by Dr. Shaf Keshavjee, the director of the Toronto Lung Transplant Program at Toronto General Hospital, who devised and tested a way to calculate the viability of a donor’s lung before transplantation. This method is called “ex vivo lung perfusion“. It keeps the lungs up to a domed device which perfectly imitates the human body by its temperature, by pumping a bloodless solution of oxygen, proteins and nutrients through them. Well, this is something to be admired right?

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