Important things to know about Alberta before immigrating

Alberta is one of the fastest growing provinces in Canada both in terms of economic activities and population. Edmonton and Calgary are the largest cities in Alberta. Below are some important things for new immigrants to know about Alberta:


Alberta has remained a household name for its vibrant oil and gas sector, but lately, the province has also made its name among the fastest growing service and industrial sectors. These economic activities have turned Alberta into one of the most favorite places for immigrants. The standard of living is high in Alberta, thanks to its economic growth. The oil and gas sector employs one in every sixteen people in the province.

Quality of Life

People in Alberta enjoy the best quality of life. Employment opportunities are immense in this province and the demand for new workers in growing. The minimum wage in Alberta is $10.20 per hour, and the families here take home the highest average combined income. As a result, people here get the best healthcare, educational, and recreational facilities.


If you are looking for affordable residential housing in Canada, then you must consider moving to Alberta. Despite the increased demand for housing in this province, the prices remain affordable both for renting and buying houses. The economic growth of this province has led real estate builders to construct new homes, which is why the housing costs remain stable and is expected to even decline in the years to come.


The educational system of Alberta is known for its quality. This province is known for producing renowned researchers, intellectuals, engineers, managers, and scientists. As an immigrant in Alberta, your children aged below 20 years can get free education in school.

Health Care

The healthcare in Alberta is of top-notch quality. You and your family can get the primary health care facilities in this province at no cost to you.

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