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Important things to look for during a home inspection

If you are considering buying a home in Canada, the home inspection is an important step in the whole home buying process. It gives the buyer an opportunity to closely look at the building and protect himself/herself from possible losses. Remember, most sellers do not reveal flaws in the home. Even the home inspectors may fail to detect certain problems and defects in the home. It is up to the buyer to find those defects during an inspection and protect his/her interests.

Below are some important things you should look for during a home inspection:

1. Electrical work: Be sure to check the quality of electrical work in the home. You can do this by simply checking the electrical outlets and wiring or use the service of a professional electrician.

2. Check the windows: A common problem in many homes is struck windows or windows that are painted shut. You must check all the windows in the home to make sure they’re working properly. You must do this even if it is winter.

3. Check for cracks on tiles and walls: A crack in a home can be a sign of a potential danger. If the tiles are cracked, it may indicate a crack in the wall as well. Look for cracks on the wall and examine them closely.

4. Examine the dishwasher: This is another critical thing you should look for during the home inspection. A good home will have properly working sinks and dishwashers. There should be no leakage.

5. Check the toilets: Faulty toilets are common in many homes, especially those put up for sale. Be sure to examine the toilets and flush them to check whether they are functional.

6. Check the sewage system: While it can be technically difficult for you to personally check the sewage system, you can consider arranging a separate sewage inspection. You can use the service of a plumber or drain expert.

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