Important things you must know about Canadian culture

Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world. Whether you want to visit Canada or immigrate to the country, you must acquaint yourself with its culture. Here are the essential things you must know about Canadian culture:

Following the Laws

First things first: when in Canada, you must strictly follow all the laws because Canadians are incredibly law-abiding people. No matter if you are a student or permanent resident in Canada, you must know the rules that apply to you and follow them religiously. If you don’t know a law, it does not justify breaking it.

Dress and Mannerisms

The people of Canada prefer to wear casual dress, and it has become a part of the nation’s culture. You can wear a casual dress on most occasions, except weddings, official parties, and in the workplace. When in Canada, you would see people of all ages wearing jeans, hats, sports shoes, and T-shirts. Furthermore, the use of slangs is common in Canada, which can be shocking to many new immigrants to the country.

Personal Space

It is a common thing in Canada that every person desires to have a big house and car and properties. They always maintain their personal space and respect the personal space of others. For example, in Canada, you would see that the people keep some distance even when speaking to one another. Unlike many other cultures, Canadians don’t stand close when talking. So, when you are in Canada, you must respect the personal space of each person.


While most people presume that the majority of Canadians have a French or British origin, the reality is that most of the current population come from different countries of the world. Today, more than 135 languages are spoken in Toronto alone. And half of the country’s people came from outside the country.

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