Important tips for immigrants looking for a career in Canada


The number one priority of new immigrants in Canada is to start a decent career. Unfortunately, many new immigrants to Canada find it challenging to find a job. It is a natural phenomenon that beginning to work in a new country is hard in the start. Below are some important tips for immigrants looking for a career in Canada:

Obtain Canadian Credentials

You may have credentials of your home country in your profession; however, it does not help in getting a job in Canada in the majority of cases. Employers in Canada prefer to hire people who have Canadian credentials because they are uncertain as to whether people with foreign credentials can meet their needs.

Many immigrants go to college in Canada so that they can get Canadian credentials, which can help them get a job. Keep in mind that many colleges and educational institutes in Canada offer flexible schedules for classes, meaning that you will be able to manage it besides working and taking care of your children.

Have a Canadian-Style Resume

The styles in which resume are created differ from one country to another. When in Canada, you must build a Canadian style resume because resumes written in another layout will be difficult for the employers to skim through. The employers are busy, and they don’t have the time to make sense of differently written resumes. You can ask your college placement office to help you develop a Canadian style resume. Keep in mind that Canadian resumes are brief and no longer than two pages.

Start Networking

Networking is the key to starting a good career in Canada. You must begin networking with people in your industry as soon as you arrive in Canada. Be sure to introduce yourself to other people. Your college can also help you expand your network. You can even find contacts in the professional networks of immigrants, community groups, and associations dedicated to helping immigrants.

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