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Are you inadmissible under Canada’s immigration law?

People who are barred from entering Canada are known as “inadmissible” under the immigration law of Canada. There are a number of reasons and grounds that can make you inadmissible in light of the Canadian immigration law.

If the immigration authorities have a reasonable belief that you are a security risk to Canada or Canadians, you would be inadmissible to the country. Furthermore, if you have remained engaged in the violation of human and/or international rights, or if you have been convicted of a serious crime anywhere in the world, you would not be allowed to enter Canada. Individuals who have an association with or have remained associated with organized crime also fall under the “inadmissible” category.

You may also be declared inadmissible on grounds of your health and financial status. For example, if you are suffering from a serious health condition, or if you are in a deep financial problem, you would not be allowed to enter Canada. If you have told a lie in your application or during the interview, you may be professed as inadmissible. Other grounds on which you may not be allowed to enter Canada include the following:

  • You fail to meet the criteria and conditions of Canada’s immigration law
  • Someone in your close family circle is already inadmissible

Typically, inadmissible individuals are not permitted to enter Canada. However, if you have a justifiable reason and convince the immigration authorities that you want to travel to Canada for lawful reasons, you may get a temporary resident permit. However, it depends on your case and reasons why you are inadmissible. For example, if you have been convicted of driving under influence, you will be inadmissible to Canada but you may be eligible for a temporary resident permit for a single visit without paying the associated fees.

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