Migration from the Philippines to Canada on the rise

Philippines flag combined with canada flagImmigration from the Philippines has increased constantly over the years and the country is now the fourth top source country for immigrants in Canada. There were roughly 550,000 Filipinos in 2015, up from 454,335 in 2011. Moreover, their number almost doubled from 2001 to 2011.

Most of the Filipino immigrants live in the Greater Toronto Area. In 2011, almost half of them resided in Ontario. British Columbia was home to 21 percent of the Filipino immigrants, Alberta had welcomed 15 percent, and other 10 percent lived in Manitoba. Many of those living in Alberta were working in the oil and manufacturing industries, whereas in the other cities Filipino immigrants were employed mostly in the food sector, hospitality, hotels and restaurants. Also in 2011, Filipinos made the largest foreign-born group in Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

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In 2014, newcomers from the Philippines had among the highest numbers of work permits, 23,687. The same year, there were 1,833 Filipinos holding a study permit. Statistics also show that the Filipinos have very high home ownership rates in the first four years of residency compared to other foreign-born groups.

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