Moving to Canada: Vancouver city guide

Located on the West Coast of Canada, in the province of British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the most famous Canadian cities among immigrants. The city’s economy, employment and business opportunities, climate, cost of living, and quality of life are the many factors that attract immigrants.

Vancouver has been ranked among the most livable cities in the world for many years now. The Pacific Ocean, the lavish seaside mountains, urban recreational facilities, and outdoors give the city a unique outlook. About 45 percent of Vancouver’s population was born outside, which makes it a multicultural and diverse city.

This city is clean and has modern amenities. It is also one of the safest cities to live in Canada. And by 2020, Vancouver is expected to be the greenest city of the world. The climate in this city is moderate throughout the year. Summer in Vancouver has a touch of the Mediterranean style.

When it comes to the city’s economy, it offers many opportunities, be it for business, employment, or education. The economy is vibrant, and the cost of living is relatively low in Vancouver. This city’s economic strength comes from its natural resources, information technology, TV and film production, and tourism.

Most of the landmarks like beaches, ocean, and mountains are situated within a radius of twenty minutes in central Vancouver. The city is the third largest film and TV production hub of the world, after Hollywood and New York.

Since Vancouver borders the United States, you can easily arrange a trip to US cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle. If you are immigrating to Canada and looking for a place that offers the best outdoor lifestyle and diverse experience, then its time to put Vancouver on your list. The quality of life in Vancouver is one of the best in Canada.

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