What you must know about Quebec’s Business/Investor Immigration programs


An important part of the Canadian immigration system, are the Quebec’s Business/Investor Immigration programs.  These programs are available to individuals who have acquired entrepreneurial, investor, or even self-employed experience and want to move and settle in the province of Quebec.

The first thing all candidates must do when belonging in the above-mentioned cases, is to show that they are fully capable of becoming economically established in Canada having the main intention to settle in the province of Quebec after their acceptance.

After the approval, all candidates get a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, or CSQ). This certificate is also known as the official document which is issued by the government of Quebec and the one document that allows an individual to acquire a Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa once health and security aspects of the process have been fully completed.

Below, you can find the three programs of Quebec Business/Investor Immigration, with their own specific requirements:

Quebec Investor Program

In order to qualify as an investor, you must have a net worth of at least CAD$1.6 million. You must also have a considerable managerial experience. You should be ready to make a government-secured investment of CAD$800,000 that will last for at least five years.

Quebec Entrepreneur Program

In order to qualify as an entrepreneur, you must first have a net worth of at least CAD$300,000. Just like the above criteria, you must also have managerial experience in a business that you owned or even controlled. You must also be ready and willing to establish or acquire a business in Quebec which will create at least one job in Quebec.

Please note that this program is only available to eligible applicants that have an advanced intermediate French ability.

Quebec Self-Employed Person Program

In order to qualify as a self-employed person, you must first own a net worth of at least CAD$100,000 and must also have a worthy work experience in the profession or trade that you intent to practice in Quebec.

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