New Canadian immigration stream might be an unexpected answer to Trump


The federal Liberals have already begun work on a new program for immigration. It’s Intention is to attract highly skilled labour before United States President Donald Trump took office.

But, from now one, the federal Liberals, will focus on whether the planned June launch of their Global Talent Stream program could bring worthy benefits from what Trump has done in his tenure so far.

The US president made all feel more uncertain for the future of U.S. immigration policy earlier this week.  He ordered a review of the American H-1B visa program. This is a visa program which he argues allows American tech companies to avoid hiring American workers in favor of international ones.

Mr. Robert Watson’s word

Robert Watson, president of Information Technology Association of Canada added:  “Even if the executive order is just to do a review of it, it becomes tone from the top,” he said. He also added: “Companies have to start looking elsewhere and ensure there’s something better to do.”

On the other hand, many American technology firms argue that the H-1B program is necessary. Especially  since it encourages many high-skilled students to stay in the United States after getting their respective degrees in high-tech specialties. And also because many US companies can’t always find enough American high-skilled workers as they need.

Bill MacGregor, head of Gowling WLG’s immigration law practice based in Waterloo, Ont. added that the fact the H-B1 visa program has its annual cap on applications and also the winners are chosen by lottery has always made it a problematic program. He also added:  “Already there’s recognition in tech companies. They might, on a practical matter, need an alternative because of this uncertainty and this (review) just adds to it. And Canada is generally well positioned.”

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