New changes: IRCC revisions CRS ranking approach

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IRCC has officially made some final changes to the CRS ranking issue.

All candidates that belong in the Express Entry pool that have tied scores under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), are now automatically ranked according to the precise date and time they submitted their profiles.

This is just one of the many recent changes the CRS introduced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) a couple of days ago.

Even though the CRS score a candidate has is still the primary factor in determining the ranking in the pool when it comes to the candidates that have a tied CRS scores, profiles are ranked according to the date and time of submission. Profiles that have been in the pool for a longer time, are ranked higher than more recently-submitted profiles.

CRS cut-off point

Starting from now, the CRS cut-off point for future draws will be organized by the CRS score. And also, by the time of submission of the lowest-ranked candidate invited.

This means, if IRCC wishes to issue 3,500 Invitations to Apply (ITAs), the CRS score and also the time of submission of the 3,500th candidate that belongs in the pool at the moment of the draw will be the one to establish the minimum CRS requirement and most recent submission time requirement of that draw.

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