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Newcomers to Canada are mentored by volunteers

38989037_sThe Referral Partnership Program is a mentorship project funded by the Minister of Employment that aims at helping newcomers to Canada to have a smooth transition and an easy adaptation period. The main objective is to assist fresh immigrants to find a job they are qualified for, which is perhaps the most important step for those who relocate in a new country.

It’s mainly based on volunteering, with seniors in the community being encouraged to mentor new immigrants and ethno-cultural groups. According to the FCT leaders, the mentoring program has had an impressive success rate. About 75 percent of mentees managed to land a job in their field within a year of taking part in the project.

Those who want to benefit from the program must be newcomers to Canada, meaning less than three years, unemployed or underemployed and with limited or no Canadian work experience in their field. They must also have at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent post-secondary education outside of Canada and have good English language skills.

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