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Options to immigrate to Manitoba under the Business Investor stream

In a bid to boost its economy, Manitoba is looking for foreign business investors. To achieve its economic objectives, the government of Manitoba has replaced the Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative (FIP) with a new program called Farm Investor Pathway. This program aims to target people with experience in the farming business and having enough capital to invest in the Manitoba farm sector. If you meet these requirements and desire to start a farm business in rural Manitoba, you may apply for immigration under the Business Investor stream.

Entrepreneur Pathway

The new and improved Entrepreneur Pathway has now supplanted the MPNP-B stream. Under this program, the province can now hire and choose business people with relevant qualification from different countries to immigrate to Manitoba and start their business there. You can even acquire an already established business in the province or be a partner in an existing business.

Farm Investor Pathway

On the other hand, the Farm Investor Pathway is for those business people and entrepreneurs who have experience in the farm sector and intend to start a farm business in Manitoba. To qualify for immigration to Manitoba under this program, you must have a business plan and have a minimum investment of $300,000.

Your investment must be in the form of the qualified tangible farm assets and as explained under the MPNP. You must be intending to start the farm business operation to earn active income, instead of passive or speculative income.

If you are interested in the FIP, you are required to enter the farm business in Manitoba and produce products that meet the demand and quality requirements of the province’s farm sector. Your business operations and the amount of money you want to invest in the business must link in some way with the statistics of the province, and you must produce only those products that fall under the Entrepreneur Pathway.

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