How to prevent application processing delays resulting from the new biometric requirements

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Canada has introduced a new biometrics requirement for people who want to visit the country to pursue their studies or for business purposes. While the biometric system is effective and in the interest of Canada, it is expected to lead to application delays for the international business community and students who intend to come to Canada. Furthermore, it has raised privacy issues for the students and business people as the biometric information is shared with four other countries.

Many individuals who want to visit Canada for business or educational purposes want to know how they can prevent application processing delays resulting from the new biometric requirements. Keep in mind that if you have submitted your application online, you will get a request for biometric verification within the first 24 hours of filing your application. You will have thirty days to undergo the biometric verification after getting the request.

In order to avoid delays in the application processing, you must be sure to submit the biometric information as soon as possible and as soon as you get the instruction letter from IRCC. Doing so will allow the IRCC to process your application quickly.

Many applicants send their applications via postal mail. As a result, their application processing gets delayed. To avoid the delay, you must apply online or in person at a VAC. Also, you can prevent the delays by keeping time for your biometric information submission at the time of making your plan to travel to Canada.

To verify your biometric information, your fingerprints will be captured and verified at the airport or other points of entry when you arrive in Canada. If your fingerprint matches with the information you submitted at the time of biometric information collection, you will be allowed to enter Canada.

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