The pros and cons of moving into a new neighborhood

For many people, it can be exciting to move into a new neighborhood. However, there are some challenges and disadvantages associated with moving into a new neighborhood. The cons are specifically more if your new home is situated in a new subdivision or a housing scheme that is yet to be completed.

The pros

– You’re in the driver’s seat

Possibly, the top advantage of moving into a new neighborhood is that you are the one who makes the decisions about the fixture, finishing, and other stuff of your new home. Chances are you may also be able to make small changes to the actual plan or customize the home according to your needs.

– You may save some money

When you buy in the initial phase of a new housing scheme, you may get a discount. The property developer may even offer you reasonable financing rates.

– Modern building codes

New homes are always built in line with the most recent building codes. You can expect your new home to be energy efficient, insulated, free of toxins, and have strong structures.

The cons

– It can be lonely

If you are moving into a neighborhood that is under construction, you may find it lonely. There may be only a few families living in the neighborhood. Furthermore, there may not be any schools and other necessary facilities in the neighborhood or the vicinity.

– Construction in progress

Moving into an under construction development scheme means you and your family would be exposed to all sorts of noise, dust, and movement of machines and heavy vehicles. All of these can be disturbing and may affect the health of the people living in the neighborhood.

– Lack of amenities

New neighborhoods often lack amenities like library, grocery stores, restaurants etc. This could be uncomfortable to many people who move there.

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