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What is the Provincial Nominee Program


Majority Canadian provinces are authorized to nominate immigrants via the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). If you want to apply and be nominated under the PNP, you must meet the requirements in terms of skills, experience, and education. Applicants need to prove they have the capacity to make contributions to the economy of the specific province or area and have a desire to live there.

In order to nominate immigrants under the PNP, each province uses its own set of eligibility criteria and targets certain groups of people through its own streams. For instance, a Canadian province or territory may use the PNP to nominate students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers.

There are many provinces and territories in Canada that have started new Express Entry schemes. You should keep in mind that each province could make changes to the eligibility criteria and guidelines for each scheme without providing any notice.

If you applied through PNP and got nominated under the non-Express Entry scheme, you would be required to file a paper-based application. If you meet the requirements and get nominated by the province or territory, you would be required to file an application to the IRCC.

On the other hand, if the specific province nominates you under the Express Entry scheme, your application would be scrutinized to see whether you meet the eligibility criteria for Express Entry. You must meet the requirements for at least one of the programs covered under the Express Entry stream.

If you want to apply for the PNP, you would be required to first apply to the specific province or territory to get nominated. After being nominated, you must apply to the IRCC to become a permanent resident. If you are applying for the Express Entry stream under the PNO, you must complete and submit an Express Entry profile as well.

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