Quebec actives a budged to help Integration of Immigrants


Quebec has released around $179.4 million for the next five years to give a full support the integration of new immigrants arriving there. $13.5 million from this budget are supposed to be used to attract international students. Around $103.5 million for francization of newcomers.

As part of the Quebec’s francization program, its government will provide free French language courses for immigrants who do not speak or speak too little French. The Quebec’s government will also provide financial assistance for immigrants that cannot find employment due to their language disabilities. Back on July, the government launched a specific campaign. It aimed promoting awareness of these essential supporting programs among new immigrants in Quebec.

Ideal destination for students

As for the attraction of International students, the latest activated budget comes in the wake of many previous announcements that aim to make Quebec a more attractive study destination. Montreal was identified by QS Rankings for 2017 as the best city in the world for students. This Quebec’s city is home to more than 30 universities and colleges.

Foreign workers or students located in Quebec may permanently immigrate through the Programme de l’expérience Québécoise (PEQ, or Quebec Experience Class). Among other requirements, this program also asks each applicant to prove advanced intermediate French ability.

Quebec also has its own skilled worker program. Even though it is currently not accepting any new registrations, unless the applicant is exempt from the program cap, this program is a great opportunity to permanently live in Canada. In addition, Quebec calculates and processes all immigration applications through its business immigration programs, and also through family sponsorship and refugee programs operated in conjunction with the federal government. Quebec aims to welcome around 51,000 new permanent residents only during this year.

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