Quebec is about to open applications for Immigrant Investor Program


Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is another stable alternative to US EB-5. The Quebec QIIP can really offer a stable and perfectly well-administered alternative to the EB -5 for many reaosns. Quebec is now expected to maintain this program threshold at CAD $ 800,000 being one of the cheapest permanent residence programs available on the market today.

Which are the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program requirements?

  • You must have a net worth of 1.6 million dollars.
  • The investor (you) should intend to settle in the province of Quebec and start your life there
  • You must have at least two years of business experience within the five years after making this application.
  • Must make an investment of $ 800,000 for 5 years bearing 0 interests. You will eventually get all your money at the end of the period.

Did you know that this Immigration Investor Program in Quebec has not undergone any increase in the investment amount in more than a decade? Stakeholders are expecting this program remain unchanged for at least another cycle.

The draw of moving to Canada with such a relatively low investment requirement is something that everyone should consider. Also, the stability of that investment makes the Quebec Immigration Investor Program to be one of the world’s most appealing programs especially for high net worth individuals.

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