Queen’s University Smith School of Business and IBM, five-year partnership with “The Cube”.


This week, Queen’s University Smith School of Business revealed a new cognitive computing Centre. It is at the top of Simcoe Place, at its downtown Toronto campus.

Smith Cognitive Computing Centre (ISCCC), also called the Cube, is part of a partnership between IBM, the American giant multinational technology company, and Smith School. It now will be extended in a 5-year period of time. This collaborative space is the first of its kind at a business school in Canada. It will give Smith’s students access to cognitive computing solutions, the Watson platform and faculty access to IBM’s cloud. IBM will provide the infrastructure to run the Cube and also will offer internships to Smith’s students.

IMB’s voice

Dino Trevisani, IBM Canada’s president, said that beside student activity at this center, they will also bring customers that will engage with it. They will collaborate with Smith Students, design solutions and come up with new ideas. “Students could work on real-world problems,” he added.

“Integrating the latest in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing into our curriculum further enhances the learning experience for Smith students,” said David Saunders, Smith School of Business Dean. He also admitted that giving access to the Centre will also give their University students a competitive edge in the work force. Also, in developing new venture concepts.

Seven interactive wall screens compose the center. The users can work closely with IBM Watson technologies in a multi-media environment. A number of annual internships will be offered to Smith students by IBM within this five-year period of collaboration. They will provide big opportunities to work with IBM Watson technologies in a business establishment.

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