What are regulated occupations in Canada?

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What is a regulated occupation?

A regulated occupation is controlled by the provincial and territorial law and governed by a regulatory body or apprenticeship authority.

If you work in an occupation that’s regulated in Canada, then, you’ll definitely need to get accredited in order to practice here when you immigrate. Around 20% of all occupations in Canada are classified as regulated!

How to know if your occupation is regulated?

Many occupations in Canada are regulated. This is due to the need to protect public health and safety. And also to make sure that people working in these jobs are fully experienced or qualified. Normally, a regulatory body assesses credential recognition.

Regulated occupations can seem confusing to many new immigrants despite their years of experience in their field.  Especially after seeing they’re not able to practice their profession when they first arrive in Canada.

If you are already planning to live in Canada, then, it’s a good idea to first check if your profession is regulated in the province you intend to live in or not. If it is regulated, there may be different steps you can take in order to begin the accreditation process immediately before arriving.

The support you can get

Once you move in Canada as a permanent resident, there are many newcomer support services available that will be able to properly guide you through the accreditation process.  This process can usually be as simple as submitting your foreign credentials to the regulatory authority for evaluation. But sometimes, it can even be as complicated as having to take courses to earn Canadian credentials.

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