Requirements and advantages of the Canada self-employed visa

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The Canada Self-Employed Program is for those people who want to immigrate to Canada and become self-employed in the country. However, this program is not for you if you intend to live and become self-employed in Quebec. For that, you need to apply under the Quebec Self-Employed Program.

To be a good candidate for the Canadian Self-Employed Program, you must demonstrate that you have experience in your field and have the capabilities to contribute to the Canadian cultural, sporting, or art sectors. It also covers people who intend to become self-employed in the Canadian farm sector.

The most essential requirement for this program is that you must have at least two years of relevant self-employment experience in athletics or cultural activities in the last five years of your life. The applicant is also required to prove that he or she intends and has the ability to become self-employed in Canada. The immigration officers will check your financial strength to establish your intention and ability.

Besides your experience, skills, and intentions, the immigration authority will take into account your education, age, English/French fluency, and your flexibility to adapt to the Canadian way of life. You must also pass the tests of experience and the government’s definition of a self-employed person.

There are many benefits of immigrating to Canada as a self-employed person. You do not need a job offer when you apply under the Canadian Self Employed Program. Also, there are no conditions on your status, and you are not required to start a business before your entry into Canada. When your application is approved, you will become a permanent resident of Canada.

To expedite the application processing, you should consider using the service of an immigration attorney or consultant. Doing so will save you from mistakes that can delay your application.

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