How to save money on grocery in Canada

Purchasing groceries can be expensive at times if you don’t know what to buy and in what quantity. If you live in Canada, you can surely save a lot of money when grocery shopping, provided you follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Buy items that are on special sale or deal. Look at the online brochures or flyers to find deals.
  • Make a list of grocery and stick to it. Create a menu plan for the week or month and see what ingredients you need for that.
  • Wisely use any available coupon.
  • Make use of your mobile calculator.
  • Shop at supermarkets because they offer more variety and special offers.
  • Write down the price of food items that you usually buy on a piece of paper and compare when purchasing.
  • Don’t go shopping for grocery when hungry. Shopping when hungry will only tempt you to buy unnecessary food items.
  • Try to avoid the aisles in the supermarket with candies and chips. These food items are unnecessary and will only make you greedy and tempt you to buy them when you don’t need them. It is essential that you know the layout of the supermarket you are visiting
  • Only purchase the fruits and vegetables when they are in season. This way you can buy bulk food items at an affordable price.
  • Do not buy fruits that are already ripe and ready to dig in. Some of these fruits will only end up in the waste bin after a day or two.
  • If you want to buy fruits and vegetables that are out of season, opt for the canned items because they are way less expensive. It will replenish your quench of that food item, plus they are just as nutritious as the fresh ones.

Try following these tips and see how much you can save on unnecessary food items and stay well within your budget.

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