Since 2011, almost 2/3 of Canada’s population are immigrants


According to the latest report of Canada’s 2016 census, 2/3 of all Canada’s population growth from 2011 to 2016 is attributed to immigrants. Since this census is conducted once in 5 years, it provides enough valuable new insight into statistics that have significantly developed and changed since 2011.

According to the statistics from this report, the Canadian population grew by almost 5 percent these last 5 years. When the census was finished, the country’s population has reached the number of 35,151,728. According to these statistics, Canada is still the fastest growing country in the G7 group. It has been holding the first place for almost 15 years now.

The importance of immigrants

This release shows once again the importance that immigration has on this country. It is considered to be a vital factor in this country’s economic growth, population etc.

The largest growth of the population was seen by the territory of Nunavut. It saw a growth of about 12.7 percent. It is followed by Alberta with an 11.6 percent growth and typically, the westerns provinces are the ones that showed that largest population growth which is higher than the national average.  New Brunswick is the only province that has seen a decline in its population, at a rate of -0.5 percent. Also notable is the 5.8 percent growth rate in Manitoba.

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