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What is the start-up visa program

The Start-up Visa Program is an immigration program targeted at entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Canada and start businesses in the country. In order to qualify for the Start-up Visa, you must be inventive, have the skills to launch a business, create employments for Canadians, and have the ability to compete with other companies in your industry or niche.

If you have a pioneering business idea, one of the designated organizations in Canada may support your idea and help you immigrate to the country to launch your business. Canada is one of the preferred destinations of entrepreneurs because it offers them a number of benefits, including a robust economy, lower tax rates, lower business expenditures, excellent research and innovation eco-system, and an excellent quality of life.

In order to be eligible for the Start-up Visa Program, you must include a Letter of Support with your visa application. Before filing an application, you must get the Letter of Support from the designated organization that has decided to support your business.

Also, you must prove that your business satisfies the ownership eligibility criteria. A maximum of 5 persons can file application for the visa program as proprietors of a single business. Each proprietor must be entitled to at least 10 percent voting rights in the business. Furthermore, the applicant and the designated organization must collaboratively be entitled to more than 50 percent voting privileges in the business.

In order to do business in Canada, you must meet the country’s language requirements as well. You should be able to prove your command on English and/or French languages. Be sure to take a language test from a designated agency and attached the results with your visa application. You must also have enough money to settle in Canada along with your dependents (if any). The Canadian government does not offer monetary support to the Start-up Visa immigrants.

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