Staying in Canada on the IEC visa

The IEC Visa has made it possible for its participants to prolong their stay in Canada and even become a permanent resident of the country. Many IEC visa holders have been found to be doing provisional periodic work in Canada. These types of employment are categorized under the C and D skill levels, which means they are semi-skilled and may add significance to their permanent resident applications.

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a promising immigration option that offers you an opportunity to become a permanent resident of the country if you have Canadian work experience under the IEC visa. If you have at least one-year experience of working in Canada as a skilled worker on the IEC visa, you can apply for the CEC immigration program.

IEC visa holders may also be eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker program and the Federal Skilled Trades program. If you have work experience in Canada on the IEC visa, it can get you additional points on the Express Entry system. Furthermore, you may also be able to get the required license and even get LIMA authorized job offer. These can further enhance your Express Entry score.

When you come to Canada on an IEC visa, it can get you many advantages. You can establish contact with employers in Canada, which may, in turn, help you get a job offer. And if you have been living in Quebec province on an IEC visa, you may qualify to apply under the Quebec Experience class or the Quebec Skilled Worker class. In both cases, you can become a permanent resident of Canada.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that the IEC visa is one of the best ways to arrive in Canada and then work on your goal to become a permanent resident.

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