How to succeed in your career in Canada

Getting a job in Canada is a dream come true for many immigrants. However, succeeding in your career can be a challenging task for many employees. The Canadian work ethic expects higher standards, professionalism, results, and initiative from employees. If you want to succeed in your career in Canada, be sure to follow the following tips:

1. Understand the do’s and don’ts of your work

When you get a job in Canada, do not expect everything to be the same as was in your home country. The working atmosphere in Canada is different in many aspects. You must adapt to the work conditions in order to succeed in your career. For instance, in most South Asian countries, when the boss speaks, the subordinates are not allowed to speak. They simply go with what the boss says. In Canada, everyone has the right to share his ideas, thoughts, opinions, and concerns. So, learn to understand the do’s and don’ts of working in Canada.

2. Know and adapt to the corporate culture

In Canada, every company has its own corporate culture and set of values that are followed by every employee. For example, there are dress codes that have to be followed. If your colleagues are wearing casual dress, you too should not try to wear an extremely formal dress. Also, be sure to understand the company structure and the speed at which decisions are made and plans are executed. To succeed in your career, always abide by the rules, regulations, policies, principles, values, and processes of the company.

3. Know the objectives and your manager’s requirements

Listen carefully when your manager assigns you a task or objectives to achieve. Also, be sure to ask the manager for a copy of the objectives and goals. This will help provide you a clear direction. It is also important to know how many responsibilities you should take, when to report to your manager, and what means of communication to use.

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