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Tips for landing a worthy job in Canada

Delta, British Columbia

  Most immigrants come to Canada with the hope to get a worthy job and improve their quality of life. However, as a new immigrant to Canada, you may find it difficult to start a career. Immigrants are required to do put in extra efforts in order to learn to …

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How to adapt your resume for the Canadian job market

For many people, immigrating to Canada is a huge and exciting thing. The country offers you immense opportunities for employment if you have the right set of skills, experience, and education. However, immigrating to Canada is a costly experience for many people. After arriving in the country, many people look …

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How to research your potential employer

One of the most important aspects of job hunting is to research your prospective employer, so you can be sure you are planning to work for the right company and be living in the right corporate culture. Here are some ways to research your potential employer when seeking a job: …

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