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Essential things to know about Canadian Culture

Even though Canada has only 35 million people living there, far less when compared to its southern neighbor, its people share one of the largest cultural diversity in the world. In Canada, there are over 200 distinct cultures. This is the reason why this nation’s synonym is “cultural mosaic”. It …

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Sponsor requirements list


Every Canadian citizen or Canadian permanent resident can be a sponsor. But, in order to be one, the sponsor must meet certain requirements (for the family class Sponsorship). Each sponsorship applicant is subject to the following requirements: The sponsor must demonstrate his/her financial ability and stability to provide the Family …

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Canada will support the people of Iraq and Syria

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A couple of days ago, the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced her participation in the Global Coalition against Daesh Foreign Ministers Meeting in Washington D.C. which was hosted by U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Now, Canada is officially engaged in the fight against Daesh and supports those most affected …

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