Things you can and cannot do on a visitor visa in Canada

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If you want to visit Canada, you cannot do so without a visitor or tourist visa, lest you come from a visa-exempt country. The visitor visa is subject to certain conditions. There are things you can and cannot do on a visitor visa in Canada. Here are those things:

Things you can do

–   You can enter and stay in Canada on a visitor visa. Once you enter Canada, you will get a temporary legal status to travel and live in Canada. The visitor visa is temporary and usually comes with an expiration of six months.

–   The visitor visa also allows you to transit through Canada. In case Canada is not your destination country, but you have to go to your destination through Canada, you may be required to get a visitor visa.

–   While you are in Canada on a visitor visa, you can search for a job. There is no restriction on the visitor visa to search for jobs. However, you cannot use the visitor visa to work in Canada or apply for work.

–   You can use the visitor visa to extend your stay in Canada. The immigration officer will decide whether to give you visa extension.

Things you cannot do

–   A visitor visa allows you to live and travel in Canada temporarily; however, it does not let you stay in the country permanently. Once the visa is about to expire, you can apply for an extension of the visa or leave the country

–   The visitor visa does not permit you to work in Canada. To work in the country, you need a valid work permit.

–   Even though you can search for a job on a visitor visa, you are not allowed to apply for work or get work unless you get a secure job offer, go back to your home country, and apply for the work permit through the Canadian consulate or embassy.

–   A visitor visa does not allow you to study in Canada.

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