Three Online Tools that Every Student Should Use

Education just got a little bit easier with technology, as it gives you the option to study wherever you are, regardless of your geographic location. Also, the many tools and apps has made it easier than ever before to be more organized, and to stay on top of all the different things you have to do as a student.

In this post, we are going to talk about three online tools that are sure to take a lot of burden off your shoulders by helping you to stay more organized.


 Evernote is a great tool that helps you to make note of information such as your class notes, thoughts, ideas, questions, lists and just about anything else that needs to be remembered. The best part about this tool is that you can have it on any device, which means, the information is available to you all the time.

Sometimes, you may need to supplement a concept with a web article or blog post, and the Evernote Web Clipper creates a link to the online article in your note. This makes it easy for you to reference when needed.

If you prefer taking paper notes for any class, you can still take a copy of this note and add it to your Evernote. A cool feature is Evernote searches through your handwriting to find what you want.  This flexibility helps for students who like to use both paper and laptop for taking notes.

Google docs

Besides the flexibility of an online tool, the biggest advantage with Google docs is that it comes with many templates for student reports, and all that you have to do is fit your content inside this template. Also, this is a great tool when you want to collaborate with other students to complete a group project or assignment.

Additionally, if you want to translate your notes into any other language for yourself or other friends who are not native speakers, then it’s easy with Google Docs. Further, if you want to take a survey for any assignment, just create a Google form, share and you have all the results.  These features make Google Docs a great tool for every student.

White Smoke

If you need a Grammar checker, then White Smoke is the tool for you as it comes with a free Grammar and Spell Checker. Also, it comes with a free online dictionary containing definitions, synonyms and antonyms, and a free translator that can translate your content into any other language.

Another advantage with this tool is it comes with extensive tutorials that help you to improve your writing, and works well for every students, regardless of your understanding of English.

In short, these three online tools offer much flexibility for students, and helps them to write better and stay more organized with their notes. It even helps with collaboration and translation. For these reasons, Evernote, Google Docs and White Smoke are every student’s best friends.

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