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Everyone knows Canada is home to some of the most educational institutions in the world. Before you decide which will be the right school or program for you to study at, we advise you to read some of our tips to help you better determine between so many available school options.  When analyzing an educational institution, there are some factors to be calculated before the big decision. Yearly fees, programs available, type of studies, campus and social life opportunities are only some of them.

Generally speaking, schools are divided into four big categories:

  1. College and Universities
  2. Vocational and Trade schools
  3. Language schools
  4. Primary and secondary schools

You need to ask yourself some basic questions related to the type of program you would like to enroll in. Decide if you want to obtain a degree, the location, get information about school support for international students, teacher-student ratio, which will your future career be and also, if you can afford a certain type of education. Another thing you need to consider before you decide to study in Canada, is calculating the benefits you can get if the main reason you want to study in Canada is because you want to take the first stepping stone into becoming a permanent resident.

Tip: To better understand how things work, you need to get as much information as you can about available student visas. Also, if possible, speak with a school representative or student.

Since Canada has some of the highest educational standards when compared with other nations, you probably won’t need much time to decide which your school choice will be. Many university programs, located in urban or rural areas in Canada, are internationally known. All international students that study in Canada can choose to study in either one of Canada’s official languages. You don’t need to be fluent in both languages to attend school in Canada.

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