Tips for landing a worthy job in Canada


Delta, British ColumbiaMost immigrants come to Canada with the hope to get a worthy job and improve their quality of life. However, as a new immigrant to Canada, you may find it difficult to start a career. Immigrants are required to do put in extra efforts in order to learn to work in Canada. Here are some tips for you to land a worthy job in Canada:

Learn How to Work in Canada

The working environment in Canada is different than most other countries. As such, you need to make adjustments and adapt to the Canadian way of working. For instance, in the Asian work environment, when the boss is speaking, the subordinates keep silent. However, in Canada, you can also speak when the boss speaks.

Understand Your Company Culture

During the interview, you will see how the people have dressed and how they act. You need to adapt accordingly when you get hired. You should see how the company culture works. Is the environment more structured or relaxed and whether people are taking initiatives? Understand the rules and procedures of the company and follow them to the letter.

Know Your Objectives and Deliver

The best way to understand your objectives is to learn what your boss wants from you. Read your job description thoroughly and even understand the goals and objectives of your manager. Then work in the right direction and help your manager achieve those objectives.

Understand and Adapt to the Communication Style

In some countries and companies, communication is direct whereas in others it is indirect. But in Canada, you must adopt a communication style that doesn’t appear offensive but also makes it convenient for you to work with your team and achieve the objectives within the deadline.

Act Professionally

In Canada, workers are expected to act professionally. You must follow your company’s dress code and behave in a way that makes you look professional. You must have the traits to work calmly under pressure and never be late for your work.

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