Top 10 Jobs That Can Bring You to Canada

Express Entry is the fastest way for international skilled workers to relocate to Canada. This popular immigration selection system is not only more efficient but also faster than other similar programs around the world. In most cases, candidates will see their applications being processed in six months.

Applicants in the pool are assigned points based on work experience, training, education, and language skills. Those at the top of the rankings are issued Invitations to Apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Last year, more than 31,000 applicants had their dream come true. According to data from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), some occupations have been more frequently invited to apply for permanent residence.

  1. Food service supervisors accounted for the most successful occupation in 2015. There were 2,356 Express Entry applicants who received an ITA, representing 7.6 percent of the total number of candidates.
  2. Cooks were second, with 2,295 applicants, or 7.4 percent, receiving an Invitation to Apply through Express Entry.
  3. Four percent of the successful applicants, or 1,255, were information system analysts and consultants.
  4. Software engineers were also a popular occupation, with 940 applicants, or 3 percent, being offered the chance to move to Canada.
  5. Also accounting for 3 percent, 935 applicants worked as computer programmers and interactive media developers.
  6. There were also 745 university professors and lecturers, or 2.4 percent of invited applicants.
  7. More than 660 successful applicants for Express Entry worked as retail sales supervisors.
  8. Graphic designers and illustrators accounted for 1.8 percent of invited applicants, at 550.
  9. Finally, 494 financial auditors and accountants and 446 financial and investment analysts moved to Canada last year through Express Entry.

Don’t have a degree? No worries!

skilled worker

It doesn’t matter if you have just moved in Canada and don’t have a degree. There are plenty of amazing opportunities for you out there and all the other people willing to work hard and own their hidden potentials.

So, embrace this reality and start believing in a bright future, because, after all, Canada can offer everyone this kind of hope. Here are the top paid jobs right now which do not ask a post-secondary diploma or university degree:

Here are the top paid jobs right now which do not ask a post-secondary diploma or university degree:

  1. Web developer

Did you know that most of designers out there doesn’t really own a university degree and they can make over 100k $ per year? Yes, believe it! In most of the cases, you can self-taught yourself and become a real good web designer. The best thing to do is starting to learn how to use different programming languages or designing tools and you’re free to go! Practice makes it perfect right?

  1. Mechanic /plumber

This job guarantees you a yearly income over 40k $. It might require some experience but it surely does not require any degree. You may have learned your mechanic or plumber skills from your dad or by working as an assistant on those fields. What matters most, is the ability to stay focused and prove to your clients they can trust you. Then big money will guarantee you an above average lifestyle.

  1. Long distance driver

You will definitely need a class “C” driver license for this job, but after you own it, nothing can really stop you for making a decent living. With an average yearly income at about 50k $, this has become one of the most required jobs in Canada. But don’t worry, you have plenty of work opportunities to secure the life you’ve dreamed of.

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