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Top 3 best jobs for immigrants in Canada

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One of the top reasons why people immigrate to Canada is to find work. Everyone wants a stable life with a stable job. Canada offers you ample opportunities in this area. There are many high-skilled jobs waiting for you in Canada. Listed below are the top 3 jobs for immigrants in Canada.

Cardiology technologists

There is a lot of demand for cardiology technologists in Canada. This is primarily because of a large number of aging population living in the country. People in this position earn an average hourly wage of about $44.27 in Calgary. The lowest wage for this position is in Halifax at $20.85/hour. If you have got education or experience in this field, you may consider immigrating to Canada. To work as a cardio technologist in Canada, you need to get registered with the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists.

Respiratory therapist

Respiratory therapists are also growing in demand in Canada because of the huge number of aged people living there. The highest paid jobs for the respiratory therapists are in Toronto and Calgary, followed by Winnipeg and Vancouver. The most common areas for these therapists to work include sleep clinics and respiratory care specialty clinics. However, you need at least 5 to 6 years of experience as a respiratory therapist to get a decent pay. Respiratory therapists earn an average of Canadian $23.78 to $41.99 per hour.

Geoscientists & oceanographers

Although there has been a crash in the prices of oil worldwide, Canada is still a top country in terms of exploring new mineral wealth across the country. Hence, the demand for geoscientists and the oceanographers has witnessed a spike in Canada in recent years. The annual wage for geoscientists and the oceanographers is about C$54,044 – C$141,772 per year.

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