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Top 3 myths about Express Entry

Express Entry is an immigration system that has changed the management of immigration to Canada. While the system has improved the immigration process, it has given rise to much confusion for people wanting to immigrate to Canada. There are certain myths that many people hold about the Express Entry system. Here are the top 3 of them:

Myth 1: Express Entry is entirely new

One of the biggest myths about the Express Entry system is that it is an entirely new program. Keep in mind that it is an online system that is used to manage the entry of skilled immigrants to Canada. It is an improved version of the older program like the FSWP, CEC, and FSTC. When you apply for immigration as a skilled worker through the Express Entry system, your application will enter a pool of other applications and the system will assign points to your application based on your skills, experience, education, and other credentials. If your application meets the minimum required points, you would be offered permanent residency in Canada.

Myth 2: The only way to immigrate to Canada is through Express Entry

Many people assume that Express Entry is the only way to immigrate to Canada. The fact is that this system has been developed to facilitate the process of taking in skilled workers to Canada. The Express Entry system manages immigration programs meant for economic development. It does not cover all immigration programs. Immigration programs like family sponsorships, caregiver immigration, self-employment, and business visas are managed outside the Express Entry system.

Myth 3: The type of job offer does not affect your Express Entry score

To get higher points on the Express Entry system, you need to get a job offer for highly skilled or specialized employment. Part-time jobs and low skilled jobs will not help you enter Canada through the Express Entry system. A good immigration attorney or consultant can give you advice as to whether your job offer is valid for getting you enough Express Entry points for immigrating to Canada.

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