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Top 4 important things to know about Canadian work permits

Are you planning to apply for a permit to work in Canada? You should know the following things before you consider applying for a work permit in Canada:

Work permit does not make you a permanent resident

Obtaining a work permit does not mean you can stay in Canada forever. Also, it does not make you a Canadian citizen. The work permit only allows you to work in Canada for a short span of time. It is like a visit visa, allowing you to work for some time without giving you a permanent resident or citizen status.

You need a job offer or employment contract to get work permit

If you plan to work in Canada by using a work permit, make sure you land a proper job. You must be able to show to the authorities a job offer or an employment contract provided by your Canadian employer. Do not go to Canada and start to work without a permit. It will cause you a lot of trouble if you get caught. The authorities will deport you back to your country, along with a permanent ban on entry to Canada.

The documents must be in English, Spanish and French

Make sure all your documents are also translated by a certified translator in French and Spanish. This is mandatory. If your documents are not translated properly, it might cause a problem for you, as you might end up with rejection stamp on your work permit.

Student work permit for students

If you are already in Canada and studying, you can apply for a student work permit. A student work permit will allow you to work for up to 20 hours per week after college. While during the summers, you can work full-time.

Make sure you know all the rules and regulations before you apply for a Canadian work permit. All these legal procedures are chaotic and lengthy. Be sure you get your hands on the work permit on a priority basis.

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