Top 4 mistakes that may have your immigration application rejected or delayed

Many applicants commit mistakes in their applications that lead to denial of their applications. Below are the top 4 mistakes that may lead to the rejection or delay of your immigration application:

1. Forgetting to sign the application form

Many applicants make the mistake of not signing their immigration applications. If the application is not signed, it will not be processed. In most cases, more than one signature is required on the same or different pages of the application form, depending on what type of immigration you are applying for. Many people just put one signature on the application form and skip the remaining. This mistake can lead to delays of weeks or months in processing your application or have your application denied.

2. Not paying the fee or paying the incorrect fee

Applying for immigration to Canada requires the applicants to pay the fee. There are different fees for different immigration streams. Each stream has a different payment method. Applicants must be sure to pay the fee and ensure they have paid the correct fee through the correct payment method. Not paying your fee or paying an incorrect fee can have your application delayed, denied, or returned to you.

3. Incorrect picture size

The specifications for the size and other aspects of the picture are explained in the instructions section on the application form. A specific size of the picture is required to be submitted with the application. The size of application may be different for different CIC applications. If you end up submitting an incorrect picture size, the application will be rejected or returned to you.

4. Failure to provide the required supporting documents

You will be required to submit a number of supporting documents along with the immigration application. These documents will be the evidence for what you have mentioned in your application, making your case stronger. Not submitting the supporting documents can have your application denied or delayed.

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