Top 5 highest paying jobs in Canada in 2018

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The desire to get a decent paying job in Canada is not a bad thing, but you may not be able to make more money if you fail to find work in your relevant field. Here are the highest paying jobs in different fields in Canada right now:

Sales Representative

If you are a sales representative, you are in luck because it is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada at the moment. As a sales representative in Canada, you can earn huge commissions based on your performance, besides taking home a base salary. In other words, the higher your sales, the higher will be your earning.

Account Manager

Account management is yet another hot job in Canada, and it is destined to remain as one of the highest paying jobs for the years to come. The role of account managers is vital to the success of a business because they not only bring in new clients but also keep them loyal to the company.

Business Management Consultant

Business management consultants take home a considerable sum of money in Canada. They are crucial to businesses as they give professional advice on how to make businesses more profitable and productive. If you have a business consultancy background and relevant educational credentials, you may consider starting your career in Canada as a business management consultant.

Engineering Project Manager

The Canadian real estate sector is on the boom, and the government is providing large funds for infrastructure development. These factors have expanded the career scope for engineering project managers. As an engineering project manager, you can make an average income of 125,000 per year in Canada.

Aerospace Engineer

The aircrafts in Canada have aged, and the aerospace industry is looking for aerospace engineers to lead the industry into developing better and modern aerospace systems. This has opened a new window of opportunity for aerospace engineers. Keep in mind that aerospace engineers make more money in some regions like Alberta and Quebec.

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