Top 5 universities in Canada for international students

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Canada’s education system is, undoubtedly, one of the best in the world. The universities in Canada welcome international students and make it easy for them to assimilate with the community. If you want to get higher education in Canada, here are the top 5 universities you may consider getting into:

University of Manitoba – Winnipeg, Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is a public university that is located in a picturesque location that is known for its wildlife species like polar bears and whales. International students can get admission in any of the more than ninety courses that the university offers. It is reputed for its researches and post-secondary education.

York University – Toronto, Ontario

York University is another best option for international students because its tuition fees are relatively lower. It offers diverse course subjects for international students. This university is popular among international students because it has the capacity to accommodate a huge number of students on its campus.

University of Waterloo – Waterloo, Ontario

The University of Waterloo is recommended for international students who want to get a modern post-secondary education. It is known for its pro-entrepreneurship culture. Students are facilitated to work on their innovative ideas through the incubation center called Velocity Garage. This university is best for international students who want careers in IT and business.

University of Alberta – Edmonton, Alberta

The University of Alberta has a reputation for excellent research. While the weather in Alberta may be harsh, the university’s atmosphere, support services, and quality education make it worth the trade-off. Students from more than 150 countries are currently studying at this university.

University of Calgary – Calgary, Alberta

The University of Calgary is best for you if you are interested not only in taking your academic credentials and skills to the next level, but also if you have athletic competence. Also, Calgary has been ranked among the world’s most livable cities.

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