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Top Canadian cities for techies

There is no doubt that when it comes to the Canadian cities best for tech professionals, Toronto tops the list. Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, has been a major attraction for techies for decades now. It is home to Canada’s richest techies and technology companies.

However, now the trend is changing. There are a number of other Canadian cities that have been developed on modern lines to accommodate technology professionals. The provincial governments have realized the importance of the technology sector for the economy, which is why they are offering funding opportunities for startups and partnering with academic institutions and investors to boost the startup ecosystems and establish technology districts.

Besides Toronto, below are the top 3 Canadian cities best for techies.

1. Saskatoon

Times have changed. Over the last ten years, Saskatoon has turned into a booming hub for technology and innovations. The city has witnessed a steep growth both in terms of arts and technology. A number of tech companies have opened up their offices in Saskatoon. The startup ecosystem seems exciting and promising. For example, the 7shifts recently raised $1.2 million in investment and shifted its headquarters to Saskatoon.

2. Montreal

Once known as a construction site, Montreal now offers techies the opportunities, facilities, and lifestyle they need to pursue in their professional and personal life. A couple of years ago, techies complained of the lack of venture capital for startups. The good news is that the government has addressed this concern. For example, the government has launched a $100 million project called Intelligent Mtl to develop Montreal’s Smart City Action Plan in collaboration with more than 20 venture capitalists and financial institutions. Last but not least, Montreal is home to some of the top game development studios of the world.


3. Vancouver

Vancouver is all set to be a top city for technology professionals. The city has already turned into a hub for tech startups. The best thing about Vancouver is that the government is working with the Seattle government to establish a technology corridor. This development would decrease the border restrictions between Seattle and Vancouver and enhance the flow of ideas, citizens, skills, and investment between the two cities. This is expected to boost the tech sector of Vancouver.

Canada’s tech industry will create more than 218,000 jobs until 2020

A report from the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) shows that Canada’s tech industry will create more than 218,000 jobs between now and 2020. These numbers show that the tech industry is growing at a pace that is four times more than the overall job growth in Canada.

The ICTC also projects a huge skills gap as not many Canadians are trained in the IT industry. In 2015, out of the 527,000 students who graduated from Canadian universities, only 29,000 had a formal IT education. This represents a mere six percent of the overall graduating students.

At this rate, Canada has to graduate at least 43,000 students a year to keep up with the job growth in the IT industry –  and this is seen as almost impossible. Though the government is looking to reform its education system, a lack of interest among Canadians in the IT field is likely to continue.

This gap between demand and existing skills is likely to open new opportunities for migrant IT professionals who are looking to migrate to Canada. Good pay scales, pleasant working environment and the overall quality of life is likely to attract many foreign professionals to make the most of these job prospects.

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