UK residents are interested in moving to Canada

After the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union, many unhappy Brits are now considering a radical move: moving to Canada.

Data from Google Trends show a huge spike in searching “move to Canada”, rising approximately 100-fold compared to day before.

The data don’t show the actual numbers of people searching for things, so there’s no way of knowing exactly how many people in the U.K. are considering a move to Canada. You can, however, get a general sense of the overall volume by comparing searches with each other.

For example, more Brits were searching “moving to Canada” than moving to Australia and United States.

Earlier this year, after Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victory, Google reported up to a 1,500% surge in the number of people searching variations of the phrase “how to move to Canada.”

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So many Americans were searching for instructions on leaving this great nation that the Canadian government’s website seemed to be having problems.

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