What are my rights as a worker in Ontario


The rights of workers in the Canadian province of Ontario are protected under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). This law details out as to how employers should treat their workers justly. While the ESA defends your rights as a worker in Ontario, this law is not implementable in commercial entities that are administered by the federal government. For example, it does not apply to the banking and transportation sectors.

The ESA has set out rules and regulations that the employers are legally bound to follow and implement. These rules guide employers in how they must treat their employees and ensure the workers get their due, legal rights. The ESA covers the hours you can work, the minimum wage you can get, and how you can get paid if you work overtime.

Furthermore, it lists the public holidays you are entitled to as a worker and the yearly vacation you can get, besides setting the rules for vacation pay. It also governs the parental and pregnancy leaves, in addition to leaves pertaining to health issues and personal emergencies.

Not only this, but the ESA also bounds the employers to grant you the family medical and caregiver leaves. If your child is seriously ill and needs care, you can even get leaves to care for your child. And it also covers leaves pertaining to crimes and disappearances. Furthermore, when you work in Ontario, you have the right to safe and healthy working environment and the right to enjoy a discrimination-free career.

The payments that this law covers include termination and severance pay. The Ontario Ministry of Labour oversees the implementation of this law and keeps information about your rights and responsibilities as a worker in the province. If your employer breaches the provisions of the ESA or when you think that you are not getting your legal rights, you can file a claim with the ministry.

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