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What are the consequences of incomplete Canadian immigration application

Many people interested in immigrating to Canada end up submitting incomplete immigration applications. The immigration officers return incomplete applications to the applicants. When your application is sent back to you due to incompleteness, it can be an annoying experience.

It can take the CIC many months to return an incomplete application. This happens due to delay in processing the applications. Once you get back your application, you have to fill out and submit your application from scratch.

According to one estimate, about 40 percent of all visa applications are incomplete and hence returned to the applicants. And more than 90 percent of the returned applications are submitted by people who fill out and submit the applications themselves, instead of getting help from immigration attorneys or consultants.

Incomplete applications cost you not only time but also money. When you apply again, you will have to pay the fees again. And it will take many months again to process your application.

The immigration officers are bound under Section 12 of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations to return any application that does not meet the requirements of Section 10 and Section 11. All such applications are considered incomplete.

The immigration officers assess your application against a checklist of requirements. The lists are not the same as the one accompanying your application package. It contains many items that are reserved for internal use. The authorities will use the checklist and return your application for reasons not necessarily mentioned on the CIC website.

The typical reasons why many immigration applications are returned include the following:

–   Failure to follow the application checklist

–   Not answering any questions on the application

–   Not signing the petition or failure to check the confirmation boxes

–   Small discrepancies in the application

–   Using an outdated application form

–   Not submitting the required supporting documents along with the application

–   Not paying the correct fee amount

–   Sending the application to the wrong section/place

–   Not providing the documents in the required format

–   Incorrect photo size

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